Privacy Notice

Thank you for your interest in the mindfulness training.

About the training

This training is being organised and run by your police force and the College of Policing. People who apply will either be given free access to online mindfulness training, or be put on a waiting list for the training. You can use the training as much as you like, and you can stop any time you want. Nobody in your force will know how much you have accessed the course. Everyone will use it differently, however you may find 10-20 minutes a day of mindfulness practice to be useful, over the 8 weeks of the training period.

To help us evaluate whether the training has been successful, we will ask you some questions about wellbeing, resilience and performance now, 10 weeks after the start of the training period (whether you have been given access to the training or placed on the waiting list) and 6 months after. Each time we ask you questions, the questionnaire will take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

How we will use your information

  1. The College of Policing cares about your privacy and any data you supply will be held securely and managed appropriately. Please read the points below carefully to understand what information we will request if you choose to take part.
  2. By applying, you consent for selected personal data (age, gender, officer/staff status, rank or equivalent standing, sick leave duration) to be gathered from your HR records and used alongside your survey responses in the evaluation of the training in an anonymised form. We will use this information in statistical analysis to help us understand whether the effectiveness of the training is influenced by any of these characteristics. Your name will not be used in the analysis, nobody at your force will see your individual survey responses and no information that could identify you will ever be made public.
  3. By using the online training, you also consent for us to collect usage data which will help us understand whether the success of the training depends on how much people use the online content. How much each individual has used the content will never be made public or reported back to your force
  4. The College of Policing will hold your data securely. We may recruit an external evaluator to process the data once the training is complete. They would receive your anonymised survey responses, HR details and usage statistics for the purpose of the evaluation only – they will never know your name, or who took part. An evaluator will only be appointed if they conform to our strict security and data handling requirements. If you would like to find out more about these, please email